Patch 1.4

Important: The patch may take 30 minutes or more to install. Do not abort the installation!
We recommend to reinstall Blackguards before installing the patch 1.4.

  • General

- Adds the feature ‘free character creation’ to Blackguards. (Patch 1.2)
- Added an NPC to Neetha who gives advice to new players.
- Added an additional autosave at the beginning of every fight. This also applies to each fight in a series of fights.
- Some minor bugs in cutscenes have been fixed.
- Some dialogues have been fixed.
- Some text- and NoKey-errors have been fixed.

  • Languages

- Added new russian localization.
- Added Czech localization.
- Added Korean localization.
- Added Japanese localization.
- Improved Polish localization.

  • Blocker/Crashes

- Fixed a bug where enemies wouldn’t stop respawning in the second last fight.

  • Interface and Text

- Fixed errors in the russian translation. (Patch 1.2)
- A parry tooltip has been added to character portraits when hovered. Blue “Parry” means that parry is still available for that unit. A red “Parry” will mean it is not available any more during this round. If no “Parry” is shown, no parry is available to this unit at all.
- Hit chances are now displayed more prominently inside the ring menu when hovered.
- Reworked the display of item stats.
- Added detailed battle log option to show individual dice roll results of your characters.
- Added detailed information on effects of special abilities.
- Fixed a missing Text bug in the Addon Quest in Manolo’s tower.

  • NPCs

- Fixed the Healer/Teacher in the Mengbilla arena.
- Fixed Telemaches teacher function in Mikram.
- Fixed Gredo’s dialogue.
- Fixed Ta’irs behaviour in “Head of the crows”
- Fixed Lasca appearing too early in Morbal.
- Fixed the merchant in Drôl.

  • Balancing

- Reduced the hit chance of Hammer Blow and increased AP costs to learn it.
- Clarum Purum will now provide additional resistance to poison.
- Equipment from the advanced character creation is now correctly transferred to flashback fights.
- Hit chances are now always displayed, regardless of what skills a character has.
- Warcraft and Animal Lore have been reworked to provide better passive stats instead of showing your hit chance.
- The difficulty of the chapter 3 flashback crypt lice fight has been lowered.
- Added a teacher for mages to the Mengbilla arena.

Download the patch under the following links:


PC + Addon Untold Legends: